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Animated Logos
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You will be hard pressed to find a design agency dedicated solely to animating logos. For professional, high quality and affordable animated logos, look no further than Video Jeeves. Our team has proven experience, having made animations for a range of projects, from music videos, through to mobile apps and web videos. The versatility of our animators knows no bounds and our previous clients have seen the benefits of this. We transfer this expertise to all of our projects and are passionate about the benefits of animating logos.
One of the best ways to give life to your presentations and web pages is to create an animated header banner and corporate business logo. We make sure that the animated logo shall always turn out lively with eye catching designs for even the smallest of budgets. We make sure that your animated logo shall contain your logo in an integral part of the banner. Our animation experts can lend the perfect hand whether or not you have a complex story to tell or just a series of images that require to be presented effectively and quickly
All good things must come to an end. Remember, your web video / animated marketing film is not a movie in the traditional sense. Yes it needs to entertain but most importantly it needs to sell. The prospective customer who is watching your video values their own time, they're not interested in waffle, they're interested in finding out if your product or service is going to improve their lives. At 1 minute duration, the web video retains interest in the viewer 92% of the time. As the length of the video increases so does the statistic in viewer drop out increase. What does this tell us, simply that people are willing to give you a minute of their time to sell your offering... We say don't waste it.
Businesses today understand the benefits of a 3D video. In order for businesses to obtain all of the benefits from 3D animation benefits, they may need to seek professional assistance, as well as the use of a professional 3D animation studio. Video Jeeves is able to produce high-quality 3D animations for a number of uses in order to help businesses reach their customers. 3D animation can be used as a television commercial, title sequences, or through the website. There are several ways that a company will be able to reach their target audience using 3D video.