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Animated Music Video
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We all know that great music enhances every animation. But did you ever stop to think that great animation can enhance music? Since the dawn of music videos in the 1980s, savvy musicians have known this precious secret about animation and kept it in their back pockets when implementing the best form of visual expression and promotion for their songs.
In this tech-savvy day and age, an animated music video has the potential to go viral and serve as a major promotional tool. Teenagers, college students, and young professionals alike are always eager to find funny or thought-provoking animations to forward to their friends and colleagues to make themselves the talk of the water-cooler. So as the famous lyric goes, why not "give them something to talk about" with your own animated music video?
Video Jeeves has worked with the legendary band Radiohead to find them the best independent animators to create animated music videos for their songs. Radiohead came to us without a concept for the videos and invited the animators to take complete creative control. The result was four vastly unique music videos all employing different styles and techniques, chosen by the band members themselves out of hundreds of submitted options.
"I was overwhelmed with the emails I received following my of an idea for a music video. I was impressed by several potential animators, and have followed up with them. It feels so great to be doing this! I decided to make an animated music video because one of my songs, 'The Necklace,' is a vivid story of a girl and her father that captures the emotions and the heart. Animated videos are a phenomenal way of helping the lyrics come to life by narrating the story."