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Business Explained Well, with Animated Screenshots

Having your product brought to life on your website through the power of a screen – cast video helps your company to stay in front your customer’s mind…..and that’s where they’ll probably come to place the order! VideoJeeves can produce screen – cast videos for small businesses to all the way to the heavy duty demolition equipment.

A screencast video is basically a digital recording of computer screen output, containing an audio narration. It showcases the uses and features of a new product that is yet to be launched.

Screencast videos explain every feature of an app or software the way it should be explained. Whether it’s an explainer video or a tutorial, one thing is for sure, screencast videos are a wonderful marketing or teaching tool.

Screencast videos are the best tool to achieve results in a minimum period of time, by reaching a huge number of potential customers at one time.


Magic happens right at our doorstep!


Create Easy How-To-Do Screencast Videos!

Screencast Videos are easy and fit right in the section of DIY’ing! They don’t really require any fancy equipment to work on a screen-cast video; just some simple screenshots of how your product works or what you want the viewers to understand.

Video Confession Booth!

Do you own a Smartphone? Does it make you watch videos on the go? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you just confessed that most of the Smartphone owners watch videos while they’re on the move.70%of the Smartphone users watch videos while they’re watching television; while 48% watch videos when they’re in the bathroom.

The Ultimate sales tool for small businesses!

Whether shopping online or checking out a hotel in a distant city, more consumers are watching videos to help make purchase decisions. The good news is that you don’t need to be a Hollywood director or YouTube Pro. Even DIY videos like screen-casts will work wonders for your small business.

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