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2D AnimationEnhancing your video with the finessed details!

Explainer videos have been universally acclaimed for sheer effectiveness in getting your message across, coupled with better conversion rates and better return of investment. An effective 2D animated explainer video on your website can significantly reduce bounce rate and make your visitors spend more time on your website. View Details

TypographyJust a few hanky panky tricks with words and you've a video that is creative like none!

Long gone are the days when only 2D animation was used to explain the nature of your business within 30 or 60 seconds. Typography animation is the new "IN" thing. With only making use of words and letters, companies can successfully increase conversion rates.View Details

Motion GraphicsAdd some graphical touch to your videos!

Full motion graphics animation is very entertaining and eye catching. Most companies overlook the usage of motion graphic videos because of their simplicity, but this type of video is the current craze. Thanks to YouTube & Vimeo, motion graphic videos are becoming increasingly popular.View Details

Whiteboard AnimationPlain, Simple, Attention Grabbing - The best tool to make your mark in the industry!

Why is it that when you look at a whiteboard animation, you feel relaxed and think that a certain message was put across for you to believe in it? That's how magical Whiteboard Videos are. In layman terms, one can say that such videos are created with two things only i.e. a whiteboard and some board markers. However, the situation is quite different.View Details

ScreencastTake shots of your website process, combine & animate them; your video is done.

Having your product brought to life on your website through the power of a screen - cast video helps your company to stay in front of the customer's mind…..and that's where they'll probably come to place the order! VideoJeeves can produce screen - cast videos for small businesses to all the way to heavy duty demolition equipment. View Details

Cut outPaper Drawings brought to life.

The process of making a cut – out animated video starts with documenting your requirements. We look at your objective, your target audience, the kind of characters that will best appeal to your demographic, etc. Together, we keep the focus of the lay-out of a cut – out video laser sharp, and interactive. We help you to avoid trying to squeeze all the information in so as not to overwhelm the customer with too many messages. Instead we make sure the primary message is delivered, So that your objective is achieved. View Details

Cartoon AnimationWe'll take you back to your childhood days.

A cartoon animation video is designed to generate a buzz about your services and products; usually a funny skit or concept whose purpose is to increase brand recognition. We specialize in making your cartoon interesting for your viewers so that they will forward it to their friends and spread it around various social media platforms.View Details

3D AnimationEnter the new era of Video Animation & explore limitless opportunities!

Today's technology allows for 3D animations that are photo-realistic 3D. Imagine content that can't be distinguished from a real photograph or video. 3D animation also provides a high level of control and flexibility. The visual opportunities are endless. VideoJeeves produces high-quality 3D animations for a number of uses in order to help businesses reach their customers. 3D animation can be used as a television commercial, title sequences, or on websites.View Details

Music VideosRock the world around you with entertaining music videos.

Animated music videos have the potential to go viral and serve as a major promotional tool. Teenagers, college students, and young professionals alike are always eager to find funny or thought-provoking animations with music to forward to their friends and colleagues to make themselves the talk of the water-cooler. So as the famous lyric goes, why not "give them something to talk about" with your own animated music video?View Details

Mobile App Promo VideosDoes your app need a strong market launch? Our Promo Videos are here to help.

Give your mobile application a broader audience. The world is obsessed with apps. Unfortunately, great apps fall by the wayside simply because no one knows about them! Don’t spent gobs of time (and money) creating your app, only to see it go to waste. Video is the smarter way to promote your creation to a hungry community of app enthusiasts.View Details

Corporate VideosUse animated videos as a part of your marketing strategy & witness wonders!

Most businesses rely on corporate videos to present a professional image for their company. For best results, always use a professional video production company, experienced in creating professional, high-quality videos.View Details

E-Learning VideosEducate the best of your sales personnel via E - Learning Videos

E – Learning & Training Videos offer a visually engaging way to learn. Whether it's for internal training or external customer support, video is practical & cost effective. Video is user-friendly and a less intimidating way to educate than a bulky text document. We highly recommend this method of communication especially if your staff, customers or students are not native English speakers, communication through video.View Details

Explainer VideosDescribing your business mantra to customers was never that easy!

When we read, our mind converts text into visual images. Video simulates both the visual and auditory senses and as a result, retention is 68% higher compared to using plain text. Explainer videos can make your customers more confident about their online purchase decision, increasing gross revenues and reducing buyer remorse.View Details

Product DemoHaving difficulty in explaining how your product works? Animated Videos can do the job for you.

The more use we get from a product, the more we value it. When you show your customers the best ways to use your product or service, you are ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Product demos can be promotional tools for sales and reduce/eliminate customer complaints and service calls. View Details

Sales VideosCreative Video = Increase in Sales Conversion Rates.

Bring your message to life and engage your visitors right away. In a matter of seconds they’ll know who you are, what you do, why they need to do business with you, and most importantly, what action they need to take to get started. Get your own online digital salesperson who works 24/7 turning your visitors into happy paying customers.View Details

Video ScribingScribble away for the love of sketching!

This type of video features a hand physically drawing, breaking down the fourth wall. This is a humanizing technique, which can assist in giving your business a more accessible feel. Quality scribe video benefits search engine optimization and decreases bounce rate. It can also engage your audience and convey the value of your products in ways that text alone simply cannot.View Details

Stop Motion AnimationSee how animation works frame by frame.

Companies that are launching new products can use stop motion animation videos on their website to boost viewership. This form of video offers the best possibility of reaching millions of Internet users around the globe, influencing them to purchase your product or service. The resulting boost in traffic to your website will increase your customer base, and consequently cause an increase your sales revenue and brand equity.View Details

Viral VideosGet a video today to promote your brand on social networks.

A viral video is designed to generate a buzz about your services and products; usually a funny skit or video whose purpose is to increase brand recognition. The objective is to make it interesting so that users will send it to their friends and social network. We recommend using this type of video for video sharing sites like YouTube where it will advertise your products/services for free.View Details
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