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Shorter is usually better - We want to save money. According to the latest social media trends, people only watch the first 30 seconds of a video on Facebook. Too much information can overwhelm those with short attention spans, so we must be careful not to overload them. 30 Second Explainer Videos are a very effective marketing tool of communication when used appropriately. While 30 seconds may seem like a tiny amount of time, it can draw the audience to your offerings with the right material. With the help of our in-house animators and the ingenuity of our promotional video company, we can produce a 30-second explainer video for you.

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Why 30 Seconds?

At most, 75 words are the ideal word count for a 30-second explanation video. This text size is great for summarising all of the primary features of a product or service. There is usually enough content to keep the viewers interested but not so much that they become bored. 30-second videos are the most successful during the consideration phase of a customer journey because they allow customers to compare and contrast multiple options.

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We at Video Jeeves comprise a team of expert animators. When you come to us, we carefully listen to your requirements and try to soak in every detail. We value customer requirements, and we always strive to provide them with tailored services.

Our 30-second explainer movies are fast, bright, and visually appealing. Businesses employ them to promote their logos and marketing messages. You can leverage our 30-second videos to enhance your published advertising with timely reminders about specific offers, discounts, or masterclasses. As a promotional tool for upcoming events, they are handy for including essential details like the date, time, and location.

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Why add our 30 Second Explainer videos to Your Marketing Plan?

Fast and straightforward

30 Second Explainer videos are fast and straightforward, allowing the viewers to soak in all the information without getting bored.

Explain Better

It's up to you to show what sets your company apart from the competition in any way you can think of. You may use any circumstance, place, character, and we will create a compelling yet informative explainer video for you


Using these videos gives you complete control over how your message is conveyed because there are no actors or expensive productions involved.

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