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Benefits Of Leveraging A 60 Second Explainer Video

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The 60 Second Explainer Video is one of the most efficient ways to promote your business. It doesn't matter whether you need a simple animated video to explain a concept to your target audience or a more brief yet elaborate video to showcase your company to the public. We can help. One of the best ways to spread the word about your business is through a 60-second explainer video. With the help of our in-house animators and the ingenuity of our promotional video company, we can produce a 60-second explainer video for you.

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Why 60Seconds?

About 150 words, at the very most, is the perfect word count for a 60-second explainer video. This text size is ideal for outlining all of the most important aspects of a product or service. There is typically enough material to keep the audience engaged but not so much that they get bored. During the consideration phase of a customer journey, 60-second videos are the most effective since they allow users to compare and contrast several options.

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Creating 60-second explainer videos has never been easier than with Video Jeeves. Your product or service will be improved and viewed more favorably by customers if you work with us because we look at things from a different perspective. We create short but detailed videos that are appealing, original, successful, broadcast-ready, on schedule, and within your marketing budget for many businesses and organizations. We've got you covered with our all-inclusive explainer video production service in terms of 60 Second Explainer Videos for products, videos, and corporate events.

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Why Add Our 60 Second Explainer Videos To Your Marketing Plan?

Short And Detailed

60 Second Explainer videos are short and detailed, allowing the viewers to soak in all the information without getting bored.


Using these videos gives you complete control over how your message is conveyed because there are no actors or expensive productions involved.

Explain Better

It's up to you to show what sets your company apart from the competition in any way you can think of. You may use any circumstance, place, character, and we will create a compelling yet informative explainer video for you.

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