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Businesses worldwide are constantly looking for innovative ways to educate their customers about how to use their products and services. Nowadays, individuals desire to learn something new in an unconventional method. How-to articles, manuals, tutorials, and tutorials aren't doing as well as they used to. An explainer video is necessary to convey all the information clearly and interestingly.

90 Second Explainer Videos or less are particularly useful for introducing a brand, orienting a new customer, and imparting knowledge. There are numerous animation studios in the United States, like Video Jeeves, which specializes in creating explainer videos for businesses.

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Why 90 Seconds?

The standard length of medium-length instructional videos is 90 seconds. There's enough time to mention the customer's problem, propose a solution, and illustrate how your product can effectively address it.

Shorter movies, such as those of 90 seconds or less, provide you more leeway in crafting your screenplay and allowing you to go into greater depth about your service. Even if you have 90 seconds to get your message through, you should strive to be as succinct.

Most often utilized for product demonstrations, brand introductions, service promotion, and explaining complicated topics are 90-second explainer videos. Social media, the homepage, product landing pages, online advertising, and corporate digital libraries for internal training are the most common locations for 90-second videos.

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We at Video Jeeves comprise a team of expert animators. We carefully listen to your requirements and try to soak in every detail when you come to us. We value customer requirements, and we always strive to provide them with tailored services.

A 90-second explainer video is ideal for communicating complex information and distilling complex topics into brief scenes. 90-second explainer videos are frequently sufficient to convey the message and mission of your product, summarize the benefits of your services, or tell your brand story.

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Why add our 90 Second Explainer videos to Your Marketing Plan?

Short and straightforward

90 Second Explainer videos are short and straightforward, allowing the viewers to soak in all the information without getting bored.

Explain Better

It's up to you to show what sets your company apart from the competition in any way you can think of. You may use any circumstance, place, character, and we will create a compelling yet informative explainer video for you


Using these videos gives you complete control over how your message is conveyed because there are no actors or expensive productions involved.

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