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Project Overview

Ace Hardware is a chain of hardware stores which are situated all over the world. They provide people with the basic hardware products and services that are the need of every household. They started over with a single store and now they are spread in different countries which shows how big of a store they have become. Ace Hardware wanted a simple video for their services and stores which could share the history of the store chain and also display the success story. We understood what they wanted and made a whiteboard video for them with a voiceover that displayed the success story of the brand and how they have become what they are today.

The Challenge

Ace Hardware came to us with a problem which was that people don't know who they are and what their story is. They wanted an animated video that could show people that they had started from the bottom and also wanted to educate people about their services.

The Solution

Video Jeeves started the project right away as we knew what Ace Hardware was demanding. We wanted to keep it simple and engaging and for that, the best thing was a whiteboard video. Our team made a perfect whiteboard video that carried the story of Ace Hardware and they loved it.


The video Ace Hardware wanted was to let people know about them and it did great for them as the video did the job for them.

Educates People

The whiteboard video educated the people about the services and the products of Ace Hardware.

Creates Awareness

Through the video, they wanted to create awareness among the people about their brand and tell people that we are spread all over the world.

Shows History

The video made for them showed that they started from the bottom and now they are one of the leading hardware brands.

Sells Product

They not only wanted to educate people but also wanted their product to sell. The video helped them in all their goals.

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