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Project Overview

The American Battle Monuments Commission is a government institution for the heroes of the country who fought different battles and lost their lives. The government constructs a monument in the name of these heroes so they can be remembered. The American Battle Monuments Commission was aware that very few people knew about them and wanted something that could tell people about them and their importance. They collaborated with Video Jeeves for the animated video that could teach people about the organization and find out what they provide. The animated video done for them was mainly to provide information about how things are done within the organization. We did a little explainer video for them with a little storyboard and a blend of characters to make things a little more interesting.

The Challenge

The American Battle Monuments Commission reached out to make something interesting for the people to let them know what the organization is about and educate them about its importance. They asked for an animated video that could touch the heart of the people and would also convey the message.

The Solution

When the American Battle Monuments Commission asked us to do the video for them we became a little worried because we wanted the video to perform nicely and convey the message. We made an animated video with a beautiful story and a blend of some characters that carried the message in the right way.


This video was made for different benefits which could help the organization educate and inspire the people of America.

Inspiring Young Generation

Through this video, ABMC wanted to inspire the young generation with the work they do and its importance.

Importance of Battle Monuments

The video made sure that the main benefit of the video is highlighted properly, that was to tell people how and why battle monuments are important.

Maintenance of Monuments

The monuments once made are not left on their own, in fact, they are taken care of on a regular basis with proper gardening and cleaning.

Remembering Heroes

People lost their lives to save the country in the battles and the government wanted to make them remembered, so they made the monuments which are highlighted in the whole video.

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