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Organization Better Using Explainer Videos

Non-Profit and humanitarian organizations operate in much the same way as typical enterprises. We believe these amazing organizations should have access to the same marketing and promotion tools as for-profit businesses, such as non-profit explainer videos.

Non-Profit Organizations rely entirely on public donations to operate and continue doing the work that promotes their cause(s). As a result, one might argue that NGOs rely on effective marketing efforts more than any other business.

Videos are an inexpensive approach to reaching a broad audience and raising corporate recognition, so more and more charitable organizations are making extensive use of video marketing. Non-Profits utilize video to share their stories and motivate people to act – and you can, too! When it comes to explainer videos, we employ a variety of strategies to engage viewers: some employ humor while others appeal to viewers' emotions.

Tug on the Heartstrings with An Emotion-Evoking Video

Humans are driven by emotions; therefore, pulling on the heartstrings is a popular strategy for both charity and for-profit businesses. This act of eliciting an emotional response in viewers has been referred to as 'sadvertising' by certain newspapers. However, eliciting negative emotions in viewers, like as sad, can result in a favorable response for companies, especially NGOs, because strong emotions motivate individuals to act.

For non-profits and other cause-oriented groups, getting the message out to the public is the first step in gaining support by eliciting an emotional response. However, not all causes are simple. Topics can be delicate or difficult, and they may not always be on the minds of general audiences. Non-profit organizations utilize explainer videos to educate the public in an easy-to-understand manner, with the capacity to interact with worldwide audiences in a familiar medium.

Convey Your Organization's Message Effectively

As much as any other company, non-profits and charities rely on storytelling. Building your organization's narrative will assist in legitimizing and promoting its purpose and generate interest among potential contributors.

There are more than 10 million NGOs and non-governmental organizations around the globe, so finding contributors might be difficult. That's why it's become standard practice for many NGOs to make animated explainer movies to share their humanitarian work with the public and to explain how their donations or volunteering may assist. Explainer films are used by non-profits to educate the public about their goal or programs.

Our non-profit and fundraising customers benefit from our exceptional animation and marketing skills. We specialize in simple, engaging animation that successfully breaks down concepts while conveying clear insights. We collaborate with non-profits to create fundraising animated explainer movies that clearly and appealingly illustrate their mission.

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Why Choose Video Jeeves for Non-Profit Video Animation Services?

Video Jeeves is a US-based non-profit animation studio. We are really proud of our work and always endeavor to enhance it. We understand the difficulties of attempting to make a large impact with minimal resources.

That's why our company focuses on animated explainer films for non-profit organizations. For charity purposes such as fundraisers, our client-centered approach is ideal. We provide a full spectrum of animated video explainers, whiteboard presentations, and motion graphics to help non-profits communicate the engaging messages they need to their donors.

Our production services include scripting, voice-over sourcing, and animation. We maintain constant communication with your non-profit to ensure that your goal is effectively expressed at all times. Best of all, our charity animated explainer videos are produced fast and at a low cost. We assist non-profits in efficiently connecting with their target consumers, even on a small budget.

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