Blockchain-Based Token, Bit Torrent (BTT) To Evolve A Tokenized Content Platform

Project Overview

Bit Torrent Speed enhances the Bit Torrent protocol for all users and all torrent clients. Video Jeeves recently developed 3 amazing whiteboard videos on the collaboration of Bit Torrent and Tron for introducing Crypto-Powered 'Speed’ Downloading Software. Bit Torrent launched a native Tron blockchain-based token, Bit Torrent (BTT) to evolve a tokenized content platform that would enable users to optimize their network speed and attain faster downloads. The users will be rewarded with BTT in exchange for seeding and bandwidth — earning more tokens the longer they seed files, and attaining faster downloads the more BTT they are willing to spend. An integrated wallet is also created to enable users to manage their token earnings.

We at Video Jeeves with our excellent content, precise scripting, and eye-catching graphics created spectacular explainer videos for BTT enabling them to achieve success in the corporate communications. This explanation video enabled the BTT users to get the precise know-how of what BTT is and how it works.

The Problem

Bittorrent wanted to revolutionize the traditional way of marketing by making an animated video. They wanted something that is attractive and can gather an audience that can later be converted into clients. They wanted to do something different.

The Solution

Video Jeeves started the project by conducting thorough research and analysis of the product. We enlisted the potential challenges that are faced by the customers and learned what their audiences like. We created a video for them that has helped them gain a new set of customers.


The animation team at video jeeves have been working very closely with our clients so they can benefit from it.

Boost Conversions

Studies show that using videos on landing pages will increase conversions by 86%. Animated videos trump other types of the video when it comes to engaging audiences.

Cost Effective

Modern animation is a cost-effective medium that fits almost any budget. Thanks to improvements in digital technology, you can produce animation fast and cheaply.

Increases SEO

Having an engaging animation will also mean viewers are going to spend longer on your page watching the content. This increases the time spent on your site, a contributing factor when Google is looking for pages to show on its search engine.

Helps to Stand Out

In a world of boring testimonials, and uninspiring demonstration videos, animation can help your business make its mark. Due to their level of creativity, they are far more likely to be watched and remembered.

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