Published Date October 10, 2022

Truth be told, hand-drawn animation is becoming an ongoing trend across all industries. Though it sounds old school, it is by no means outdated. Had that been the case, animation companies would have gone out of business long ago. Animation companies gave the business industry a trend that is not going out of place anytime soon. This is the case for a variety of reasons. One of them is the cost, whereas the other is time. When it comes to budget and time, hand-drawn animations prove effective in both. Hand animation providers discuss client requirements, deadlines, and cost-related issues beforehand so they don’t have to rediscuss the same once the project is complete. Clients seek hand-drawn animations because they are more affordable and less complicated, not to mention that they can be available in less time compared to other types. Preparing hand-drawn animated videos is no rocket science, but you should remember the basics before preparing your own animated video. It might take more time than usual, but eventually, hopefully, you will get used to it.

Why hand-drawn animated video?

Animations help the business deliver the message more effectively. It is one of the reasons why video hosting sites are becoming busier and more popular, as customers love to learn more about products they want to buy. Animation There is no denying the fact that a hand-drawn animation video can be highly effective and surprisingly easy to prepare. However, it will take some time before you can master it. If you don’t know how to use animation effectively, the best way would be to hire a top-rated animated video service so you don’t waste time and money on futile efforts.

In many cases, a hand-drawn animated video company proves more efficient and a worthy investment than other options. Hand-made animations require precision even though they are relatively easy to produce. The overall dimensions of the animation matter a lot as it can last a few seconds or a whole minute.

The beauty of this form of animation is its ability to pull the audience and make them buy services/ products from the seller. As we explored earlier, these videos are proven to be highly effective, and with little practice, you can also prepare your own hand drawn animation video. It will help if you start drawing the animation on blank paper with a pencil and an eraser so you can redraw it as many times as you want. This will help you perfect the art of hand-drawn animation, at least as a rough sketch, before putting it in the loop and turning it into real-time animation.

The Idea

As is the case with all great things in life, your video should start with an idea. This might be the result of your requirements as you may be planning to spread the word about your business. Attracting a bigger audience is the first reason companies look to develop videos and spread them through various marketing channels. It would help to think of an idea about the hand-drawn animated video before starting its development. This will help you develop numerous ideas, some of which should suit your goals to promote products and business to a wider audience.

The Script

In the second step, you will write a script by yourself or through your marketing team as they are in touch with the audience. Hiring a top-notch animated video service would be the best course of action, as they know what it takes to meet your marketing goals through animation. Once discussed, you should start working on the script or ask your animated video service to do the favor. Of course, they’ll comply and start immediately, so you don’t have to. Either way, the script must be to the point and result-oriented so that the animation could reap the benefits you had been looking for.


Page Drawing

After finalizing the script, the next stage would be to start drawing on the page. This is also called 2D animation. Though a rough sketch is just a rudimentary form of a 2D sketch, this is where your animation begins so that the animation will be drawn on the page at this stage. Depending upon the script, the size of the animated video can vary, but your animated service provider will stay in touch before the animation is finalized.

Final word

Hand-drawn animated videos can be an asset to your marketing team if you know how to use these properly and when. These videos go a long way and serve the interest of your business well and for a long time to come.