Published Date July 26, 2022

Animation has given storytellers the ability to tell their stories in distinctive ways. The visceral, magical worlds featured in animated films can ignite inspiration and the joy of storytelling regardless of age. If you’re a storyteller or would like to become animated, it’s an excellent place to begin.

What is animation? 

What are the various kinds of animations that artists and cartoonists use? Let’s dive in.

The most famous types of animations are as under:

Motion Graphics Video Style

Like 2D animated characters, motion graphics are typically characterized as unadorned and engaging.

It’s the perfect design for businesses trying to show off complex products or services as in the tech industry since the style works amazing at visualizing massive quantities of information quickly and efficiently.

In this kind of explainer video, the clever use of graphics can help convey your message without being in the way or obscuring its marketing objective. Bright, vibrant, and exciting motion graphics can entice viewers immediately.

3D animation

3D animation adds another dimension, depth, to the equation of animation and creates a dynamic animated world that allows marketers to create realistic scenes, characters or objects, textures, and lighting that can enhance their films in new ways.

The majority of modern animated films you’re familiar with feature this animation style. “Moana,” “Frozen,” and “Coco” are just three of the many 3D-animated films that have been created over the last few years.

Kinetic Typography Animation

The concept behind this type of video is to convey messages by using words. This kind of film is prevalent on the Internet.

Naturally, as the title implies, this explainer video is based on numbers and text. Alongside relevant animation, background music is in line with the overall tone you’re looking to convey in your advertisement. Kinetic typography can stimulate a person’s mind to express an idea or approach to thinking and affect people’s moods.


Animation infographics are an improvement beyond a typical presentation. This kind of presentation is perfect for those with many details to cover in a short time or if there’s a complex idea, you’ll need to convey. Much like animating PowerPoint slides, Infographic animations are an excellent option to grab your viewers’ focus. Explainer Video Animation Company offers a variety of infographics and templates which can help you set yourself on the path to success.

Whiteboard Animation

A famous and widely popular style used for B2C and B2B. The whiteboard design allows one to dig deeper into a service, product, or process’s specifics. It’s a way of mimicking the black-lined graphics drawn on a white background depicting the concepts or ideas at play.

The success of this video style is due to its efficacy since dynamic graphics are great at conveying complex information and keeping the attention of the viewers. It is a more simplified cartoon; it produces a simple and clear-cut ending.

What’s making Explainer Videos so Popular

Explainer videos that show the specifics of your service or product aren’t required to be dull. Make your videos more interesting with animation to make videos fun and interesting. Display your distinctive branding by presenting animated promotional and marketing videos that reflect your brand’s personality, style, and personality.

Criteria Of Selecting an Explainer Video

The Portfolio and the Quality.

The first factor you must be aware of will be the high-quality video you view in your portfolio. There is no guarantee that you will be an expert designer to evaluate the quality of the work. However, the simple fact of whether you are satisfied with it or not is the most reliable advice for you to make a decision.

Design and Personalization.

The method of your next explainer video must reflect the personality of your business. If you require a distinctive and unique video, choose Explainer Video Animation Company to create custom designs and work on making your brand grow smoothly.

Communication and Flexibility.

To ensure the process is smoother, pick a company that is easy to talk with. The top explainer video firms will ensure that all the details are covered before they begin work. They’ll try to make themselves as adaptable as possible to devise the most effective solution.

Reviews and Feedback.

Find authentic customer reviews for the business you’re planning to begin an enterprise with. The majority of them will discuss their experience with you. Also, look up reviews on websites for consumer reviews.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are brief, about 90 seconds long that are responsible for explaining an idea in a simple, engaging, informative, and entertaining way. Animation is the most common form of an explainer video because it quickly draws the viewers’ interest and effortlessly conveys how a product or service will benefit the consumer or address an issue they may be facing.

To further develop this idea, an explainer video is a way to introduce the viewers to a particular topic — it could be a description of specifics of a new item or service as well as an overview of a company’s brand or a report of a procedure like the process of a specific app. An explainer video could provide a brief guide on using the product or software application.

Increases Conversion Rates

Many customers will be more inclined to purchase the product after they’ve watched an explanation video. Many famous companies use this technique to grow their brand extensively. They use explainer videos because they know that users will know about their brand and services more in-depth with these videos.

Better Results

Videos on websites are more likely to appear on the first Google page. Which do you think the users will first click on, whether it’s an image, text hyperlink, or perhaps the always-inviting video’s thumbnail? That’s right. The thumbnail! Your video is more likely to be seen than a text list. When you’re on the first page of Google, more people are likely to view your video and be thrilled to buy your product. Earn money. It is good to make sales.

They Demonstrate Problems and Solutions

Clients drive many businesses with issues searching for solutions or products to solve their problems. Explainer videos with animation simplify illustrating a problem and then demonstrating the solution.

People don’t want to read many documents from companies, and if the sales pitch is too long, they’re likely to leave. Animation-based explainer videos can perform the same job more imaginatively and captivatingly.

Videos that are well-designed and short in length are enjoyable, keeping customers’ attention and making products and services easily recognizable. Explainer videos with animation can be paused so that nothing is missed. They can also be rewound and re-watched so crucial information can be played back.

Animated Video Adds Emotion

In good or bad times, we are often influenced by our emotions and make decisions based on how we feel about things. The majority of the information that our brain can process is visual. Therefore, our emotions are usually visual-driven. Many people are visual learners, so presenting information visually is more cognitively adequate beyond its emotional impact.

There aren’t many things that are less emotional than the traditional marketing literature, and the stock images that accompany it don’t always do the trick, let alone provide valuable information.

This is where animated explainer videos are helpful. They can convey information visually and appeal to viewers’ emotional needs through images and voiceovers, and music.

More Shareable Than Text

Your website’s content must be attractive to your viewers and attract interest from search engines. Video is more highly ranked in Google than text, making it a highly effective SEO. After Google, YouTube is the second most-used search engine. This shows that people prefer to watch the information given in the video.

Reflection on Your Brand’s Culture and Personality

Your organization’s or company’s character and culture are essential in communicating with and engaging your target audience. It’s challenging to express emotions or personality using words alone; however, explaining videos is an enjoyable way to show your brand’s culture.

This Universal Type of Content Fits Anywhere in Your Sales Funnel

Using an animated video at the very top of your funnel, aiming for new leads, or at the bottom to keep and entertain current customers will yield positive results across the board. To use video marketing more effectively, make sure you find the weak spots in your sales funnel and use the animation in those areas. Don’t miss the chance to boost sales using one of these advantages that animated explanation videos offer!

Perhaps your website isn’t getting enough visitors to bring in new leads. In this case, you must use video to draw your audience’s attention and get them to visit your site. Perhaps the ROI has declined recently, and you must incorporate animation into your advertising to increase sales.

Explainer Videos Save Time

Apart from being a favorite medium for most consumers, This is also the primary benefit of explainer videos which one cannot overlook.

In this fast-paced, constantly changing environment that we operate in, optimizing your work day is essential to stay in line with your short- and long-term goals. Your customers are likely to face the same challenges in terms of time, so it’s crucial to consider your customers’ time as well.

Explainer videos provide prospective customers an in-depth overview of your company’s offerings that can help them better (and quickly) determine if they’re willing to move ahead with your products and services. In addition to benefiting your targeted customers, they can be very beneficial to those in your sales department.

Enter Explainer Videos.

When arranging meetings with new sales rep leads, can include a video explaining the discussion in the email or calendar invitation. The client will be able to become acquainted with your company through the explainer video, and it will likely provide answers to some of the most fundamental questions they might ask about the location of your business as well as the length of time you’ve been in business, what services you offer, etc.

Offer an Explainer Video before an Initial Meeting.

During the introduction meeting, your sales team will concentrate on the client’s needs and answer more specific questions instead of explaining what your company is offering.

This can be beneficial for any pitch presentation as well. When you present an explainer video at the top, you can quickly dive into the specifics of your presentation and explain how your business can assist the individual or business of the person or company you’re pitching.

Could you not take it from us? This is something that supplier diversity managers from Facebook as well as Microsoft are informed us to manage our messages and presentations and distinguish ourselves from others.

Animated Videos are Affordable

Are you reluctant to invest in video-based marketing due to the cost? There is no reason to be discouraged.

While traditional advertising and explanation videos will cost you more, animation videos are much less costly because you can make your video faster, which means you need less production time and fewer working-hours. In addition, you won’t require expensive equipment as you can create animated videos using your computer.

There are no live performers or design professionals to make animated explainer films. Also, no catering, makeup, customers, or designers are required when creating animated videos.

This makes creating animated videos easy and cheaper than regular videos. Profiting from your business requires saving money. Therefore, making videos can reduce the expense of creating videos and, in turn, benefits your company.

Flexible on All Screens

Videos are everywhere at conferences or events, websites, or social media, and they can adapt to the various sizes of screens, including tablets, mobile monitors, or larger screens. Nowadays, all marketing growth comes from mobile devices; you must think about explaining videos in your marketing plan.

More Prominent in Google

Google favors videos. Video content is more prominent in search results because they are 53 times more likely to appear above images or text. A video explaining your website’s content on the home page or landing page on your website will help you to be at the top of search engines, which leads to organic results.

Simplify Your Products

We’re constantly bombarded with information nowadays. The customers continuously look through slideshows, white papers, slide decks, and other complex materials to find the right solution. Explainer videos allow you to create a presentation that provides the essence of your business’s solution. A brief, animated video can quickly answer your audience’s questions and ease their concerns.

Illustrates The Concepts

In many cases, your solution or product may have no tangible form. Many businesses don’t make “widgets.” In these instances, explainer videos are helpful to demonstrate an idea and communicate ideas. Notably, we’ve noticed that most tech businesses rely on explainer videos to describe how their solutions work concisely.

Explaining videos should help the viewer make a purchase decision or provide more precise details. Utilize explainer videos to draw the attention of your viewers and distinguish your business from your competitors.

They Give You a Whole New Set of Assets

To be super-serious for a moment, we enjoy how we use Instagram.

Because our service is visually appealing, it’s a breeze to cut and screw different videos into short clips of 3-4 seconds and make a visually appealing feed. We see a lot of interaction on these videos — much higher than photos, as videos require only views and not likes. The result is often the engagement rate being four times as high as it would be for the image.

Suppose you decide to make the investment in a product explainer video, especially one that features characters that move. In that case, you will get a new collection of brand assets to incorporate into your marketing strategy.

Add More Value to Your Business with An Animated Explainer Video

Great animation isn’t just visually appealing content that aids in explaining complex details and conveys the message of the business and also shows the unique character of your brand and takes the communication with your audience to a whole new level. They can simplify all the concepts and provides your audience with satisfaction.

The emotional bond that a business’s interaction with its clients makes an image memorable for the brand makes a powerful image builds a brand’s loyalty and attracts repeat customers. This is among the most significant benefits of animation – the powerful combination creates the foundation for a thrilling business expansion and further development.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we can say that you might have thought about using animations to spice up your sales letters for videos explaining videos, sales letters, or other media types. If you decide, you’ll follow in the footsteps of many large corporations and established companies that have successfully employed the medium to their advantage. Then you must invest in explainer videos with animation, as they are attention grasping and interesting.

Due to the unlimited flexibility and creative possibilities, animation conveys any message or story effortlessly. Contrary to Live action movies, live energy does not need to invest in massive, elaborate sets or fancy effects.