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When we say "customer service videos," we're referring to any video material that is intended to assist and offer value to your prospects and customers. Maybe it's an onboarding video aimed to familiarize your new customer with the finer elements of your product or service after they've purchased or downloaded it, or maybe it's a film geared to assist or aid your existing customers. At each step of the buyer journey, customer service videos may help improve the customer experience and perception of your business.
When a customer buys a new product or service, they can't wait to get it set up and start reaping the rewards. However, as they begin to assemble, apply, or use the product, their pleasure might rapidly turn to frustration when they encounter issues or challenges.

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By offering a clearer image of your product or service, short customer service videos improve client happiness. It enhances the customer experience by assisting your business in expanding while providing value to your prospects and consumers. These videos may be used for various objectives, including educating potential consumers before they invest and sending them on their way through the buyer journey, providing assistance to existing customers, and familiarising new customers with your brand, products, or services. These films serve a variety of functions, including improving the customer experience and perception of your business.

When you work with us to create your customer support video, you'll be working with a talented team of in-house creatives who know how to create aesthetically engaging videos using established neuroscientific concepts.

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By the time a consumer decides to contact customer support, he or she has already reached a point of defeated exasperation. Working with customers takes time, and many people want to be self-sufficient and solve problems on their own. Customer service videos are a proactive technique to assist your customers in resolving their own queries and issues while also giving compassionate support that builds a great brand image.

By having asynchronous help available around the clock, customer service video animations allow you to be there for your clients even when you aren't physically present. Customer service is online and ready to help if your help desk shuts at 5 p.m. and someone wants help at 8 p.m. Video Jeeves’ team generates high-quality bespoke animated customer service movies from scratch based on your comments and specifications. We work with you at every step to ensure that we're creating the perfect video, and we provide limitless script and storyboard modifications to ensure that we always get it right.

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What Customer Services Does For You?


Compared to live chat or email help, video support is far more humanized and quick.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

When customers are attempting to resolve a problem with your product, they pay the most attention to the quality of your service. Even if your support team is unable to address the user's issue, they may utilize video to establish a personal connection with the consumer in order to save the relationship and boost customer satisfaction.

Drives More Resolutions

Video support has capabilities that allow you to shorten the time it takes to solve your customers' problems while also increasing the overall number of problems that are resolved.

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