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Employee onboarding videos are an excellent way for firms to add a new dimension to their onboarding programs that solve numerous problems that come in the way of a modern and distributed workforce. Incorporating video into the employee onboarding process benefits the HR team as well as the new employees. The onboarding process consists of a lot of paperwork, filing, and hefty documentation, which gets hectic for new hires, consumers, and the HR team to process.

For new recruits, combing through every detail to understand the content can be a tough task, especially with all the anxiety and hustle of adjusting to the new role. Companies with strong onboarding programs consisting of onboarding videos can strengthen employee retention by up to 80% and improve productivity by 70%. These videos are a powerful tool and provide a convenient experience during the recruitment process. Since these videos have a versatile medium, companies can create content that welcomes new employees and appeals to them.

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New hire orientation videos have the ability to turn complex material into interesting, easy-to-understand formats, allowing new workers to absorb knowledge more quickly and on their own schedule. HR staff can also digitally streamline the documentation process when incorporated into your employee onboarding system, making a once-difficult procedure a breeze while reducing costly internal or external in-person training.

New workers who go through a structured onboarding program are 58 percent more likely to stay with the company.Considering how ecstatic people are when they leave their old job and begin a new one, they may be relieved to be leaving behind a micromanager or a toxic work environment.

They are upbeat about their prospects and are excited to learn more about the organization, their department, and their new position. They want to come up to speed as soon as possible so that they may start working. This is where an employee orientation video steps in for the rescue. It helps build enthusiasm, high engagement and makes a strong first impression.

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Videos are ideal for content that needs to be delivered exactly the same every time. It does not just save the time of conveying the same message again and again, but it also the consistency of the message, the correct tone, the information covered, and the language used.

Onboarding conversations can be dull and distracting for new hires as well as the onboarding manager. Important details can be missed during the welcome session, and the HR representative can get bored with the repetition of the same conversation. Hence, to keep things interesting and the session engaging, getting an employee welcome video produced by a video animation agency is a great idea.

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What does An Employee Onboarding Video do For You?


You may even make the films available during the two-week notice period leading up to the first day. Make the most of the new person's enthusiasm by allowing them to begin onboarding on their own schedule. Onboarding might begin prior to the official commencement date.


Video is perfect for material that has to be provided each time consistently. It ensures that the proper tone is utilized, that precise language is used, and that all details are addressed.


Employees may view onboarding videos, take notes, and get material right away. This saves time for the HR department, which would otherwise have to repeat these meetings and chats. It also saves the new recruit time by eliminating prolonged orientation sessions spent listening to irrelevant queries from other new workers.

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