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Video Jeeves is among the top explainer video companies in the world. We are known for utilizing diverse tools and techniques to educate and inform watchers on health-related procedures. Different types of processes are explained with clarity, including cell growth and maintenance, single transduction, and more. Our videos are easy to comprehend and ensure a lasting impression on viewers. Anxiety is experienced by patients when they have to undergo complex surgical procedures or excruciating processes, such as organ transplants, chemotherapy, and more. Doctors and medical staff find it challenging to alleviate their uneasiness through simple words as some topic can be emotionally taxing, particularly when it entails complex scientific terminologies. For this specific reason, healthcare facilities require a viable and affordable solution that everyone can utilize.

Video Jeeves, a leading video animation company, worked on medical explainer videos that offered the potential to solve the long-standing problem. Their experts are known to create attractive designs, illustrations, or computer-generated effects to convey the message clearly. Explainer videos can be used by public relations specialists who want to improve your hospital’s credibility, realtors who want to explain projects to their clients, or marketers who want to promote a pharmaceutical company. Our team houses proficient animators with different skill sets and experience; they are specialists in producing quality videos that connect.

Connect with Potential Customers with Top Explainer Videos

People rely on information from the Internet to enlighten them on different topics. For instance, if your doctor has suggested a certain medication, what will be your primary source to acquire information about it? Google, of course.

As text-oriented solutions are tedious and time-consuming to go through, one can opt for animated videos that are easier to comprehend. The video format is also responsive and can be used on different devices.

Explainer videos can be used by viewers with different cognitive abilities, meaning that the target customer can be both a learned or an illiterate person. Hence, going with this method is the best way to proceed. With respect to the medical field, specialists at Video Jeeves can design animations of any type, irrespective of their complexity. The videos create a strong connection with the viewers and enable a better understanding of the subject matter in less time. Our professionals are proficient in various subjects, including anatomy, drug reactions, and the use of different devices. Moreover, they can produce advertising-related videos too.

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Elevate Credibility Via Best Explainer Videos

A medical video is different than other videos. It has a multilayer concept unknown to most. Moreover, it requires softwares to infuse audio and other effects. Many med-based setups, including hospitals, clinics, therapy centers, medical schools, and fund organizations, rely on medical animations to illustrate their needs to the concerned group or individual. It can be characteristic of a drug or a treatment, devices, implantations, wellness hubs, and more. Our talented experts can describe your medical projects without any hassles.

An explainer animated video convinces prospective clients to feel secure when using medical facilities and/or health products. Besides the medical field, animated videos are also used in educational institutions. 3D medical animations assist in educating the audience on different biological aspects and lab work.

Do you think your current medium of communication is adequate? Well, for a fact, you may require a better method of approaching your viewers. Did you know that 54% of customers want to see video content from a brand or business they support? Also, after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.

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Clarity-Focused & Captivating Explainer Videos

Although your health services might be exceptional in changing lives, customers still need to know what they are offered. That’s exactly what we cater to, a comprehensive animated video that connects instantly.

Video Jeeves is a renowned 3D medical animation company that entails experts from different fields, such as medical, healthcare, pharma, med-tech, bio-med, and life sciences. Prior to making a video, our designers and animators perform research work to collect data concerned with the topic. Then, it travels through different stages until the final video is delivered to the client. Video Jeeves is known for its reliability and trustworthiness in providing genuine data verified from different sources. We take pride in creating healthcare animations that add a dynamic elegance to your medical campaigns.

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How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business

Videos Over Text

Videos are more engaging than text, so utilizing one to describe your company's mission values or promote a new product or idea to your audience is a terrific idea.

Grab Attention

On average, a person on the internet has 8 seconds of attention, and if the content does not pique their interest within those eight seconds, they will move on to another company. An instructional video can help in this situation.

Market Better

Nothing beats a video to get your message across when it comes to online marketing. Increased revenue and leads are one of the most crucial benefits of videos when used for online marketing.

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