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Benefits of Explainer Videos

Gets Your Message Across The Audience

Without a question, video is one of the most engaging forms of online information. People have appreciated visual entertainment since ancient times. Animated videos for businesses can more successfully deliver a marketing message since they entertain at the same time.

Whether you use animation in advertising, on a website, in emails to consumers, or as a notification of a looming event, the spectator will most likely be unable to pull their gaze away from the screen until the video ends. It encourages clients to pay attention to what your brand has to communicate to them. One of the most important outcomes of a better-delivered brand message is an increase in sales and leads. When it comes to online marketing, there’s no way better to get your message across than a video. However, it’s not just about a video. You need a video that grabs and holds the attention of the viewers, and for that, you need to work with an animated explainer video agency that can produce an engaging and creative video marketing campaign that will help in achieving better outcomes.

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An explainer video captures the viewer’s attention in just a few seconds and explains any product, service, business, or idea in this short time. It saves the audience from reading text content and answers all the questions in fun yet compelling way. These videos are fun, engaging, informative, and contain clear messages that can be quickly consumed by the audience.

On average, a person on the internet has the attention of 8 seconds, and if in these eight seconds, the content does not grab their attention, they will switch to another website. The longer you will be able to retain your audience’s attention, the more likely they will be to spend more time on your website. Similarly, the more time the audience stays on your website, the more likely they are to convert into a paying customer.

Videos are more engaging than text and even images, and using an explainer video to explain your company’s mission values and pitch a new product and idea to your audience is a great idea. At Video Jeeves, we create videos that don’t just provide information; we produce videos that are super compelling and contain elements that evoke the desired response.

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Why Choose Video Jeeves for Explainer Video Production

At Video Jeeves, we create animated storytelling videos that deliver your idea clearly and simply. We believe the best animated explainer videos use meticulously crafted stories and visually appealing content to deliver compelling video content. Explainer videos enhance the amount of time visitors spend on your site by over 50% and increase conversions by up to 80%.

Our agency is a hub of extremely creative and skilled video animators that supply clients all over the world with high-quality video animation solutions. The videos we make for companies are notable for increasing user engagement and brand recognition. We can assist you in reaching the pinnacle of success and outperforming your competitors. We provide 3D video animation, 2D video animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and much more. Our team does everything from storyboarding to final animated video production.

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How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Business

Videos Over Text

Videos are more engaging than text, so utilizing one to describe your company's mission values or promote a new product or idea to your audience is a terrific idea.

Grab Attention

On average, a person on the internet has 8 seconds of attention, and if the content does not pique their interest within those eight seconds, they will move on to another company. An instructional video can help in this situation.

Market Better

Nothing beats a video to get your message across when it comes to online marketing. Increased revenue and leads are one of the most crucial benefits of videos when used for online marketing.

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