Assisting Our Clients in Protecting Their Printers from Intrusions to Ensure The Quality Performance And Printing of Their Printers

Project Overview

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one of the biggest information and technology companies which operates worldwide. HP is a company that manufactures laptops, monitors, etc and their products can be found everywhere. They recently launched a new service named HP Runtime Intrusion Detection for printers of their own which could protect the printers from any intrusions by detecting them early. They asked us to make a creative video which could tell people about the new service and how it will work. We made an animated video with real-time examples to explain the services better.

The Challenge

HP recently launched a new product and wanted a video that could explain what the product is and also how it works. They wanted a creative approach by using real-life examples of how their product might work and what is the benefit of their product.

The Solution

It was not an easy task to produce a video for such a huge brand because they require everything top-notch. So we assigned the task to the finest animators and told them what the brand wanted. Our animators created an animated video that used real-life examples to define the product.


HP wanted the video to educate people about their new product and its benefits which can help them to sell more.

Educate people about the Product

The video educated about the newly launched product and how it works so that people can know about it.

Overview of the Product

The video showed that the product can be used for different stuff which allows them to sell more.


The product launched can save the printers from getting destroyed which can be seen in the video with real-life examples.

Early Detection

The product helps to detect the error before it reaches the printer which is displayed in the video with an example of ships and pirates.

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