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Blockchain-Based Token,

Bit Torrent (BTT) to Evolve A Tokenized Content Platform

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Monuments Commission

Creation Of Explainer Videos And Providing Excellent Digital Solutions.



Driving The Listerine Campaign Towards Success.

Creation Of Exceptional

Explainer Videos For Pearson

Managing Conflict And Strengthening Relationships

Metropolitan Police

Department – Washington DC

Enabling Language Access Refresher Training Through Detailed Explainer Videos

Jive Chime

Enabling Better Connections

A Real-Time Messaging Application For Managing Teams


Online Domain Buying Platform

Helping Payonner Clients To Induct Domain Transactions
Effectively And Safely Through Our Explainer Videos

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Video Jeeves has partnered up with countless brands across the globe to help them convey their brand message to the audiences.
Have a look at some of our best works:

Video Types Speciality

Entrenched in our foundation is the belief that our efforts must always surpass the industry standards.

Dynamic Visuals. Enchanted Audiences WHY VIDEOS

Have a glance at the statistics to understand how working with our company can help your brand.

Of all internet users in the United States

Watched online video content month on any of
their devices

8 out of 10
Increase in the on-site time
spent by the visitors

An animated video augments the average
time spent by the user on the site.

consumers enjoy animated videos

This is a testimony of the admiration of video marketing.

Enhanced SERP Rankings

Websites that contain a video have a higher chance
of ranking on the Search Engine's
first page


Our streamlined work process reflects our competence.


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