Transform Real Actions into Animations with Motion Capture

Benefits of Motion Capture

Bring Characters to Life

With 2D motion capture, you can turn people into cartoons and bring their characters to life through animations. Using top-notch motion capture tools and techniques, we transform acting and facial expressions into 2D cartoon characters. When you hire us for motion capture 2D animation, we create virtual characters that walk, talk, and mimic the facial expressions, that too in real-time.

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Make Movements Look Realistic

Motion capture excels at creating realistic-looking motions, which is why it's so popular in movies and video games. It can be used to transform human performers into fantasy figures. Video Jeeves is a motion capture animation firm that generates character animations for use in game development, cinema, television production, commercials, and other developing media. Video Jeeves uses cutting-edge live2D motion capture technology to track and translate the delicate motions of human performance into digital forms that can be applied to any character.

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Video Jeeves offers comprehensive 2D character animation services that include everything - from building custom rigged characters, bringing characters to life with mocap devices, and animation with timeline editing; we have revolutionized the traditional keyframe animation with efficiency and speed. Our workflow adds real-time efficiency to the 2D animation process by allowing fast iteration and collaboration. With our real-time character motion capture, you can get feedback quickly and deliver animations faster.

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We Offer the Best Motion Capture Animation Services

Fast Production

Instead of keyframing, create character animations with time-saving mocap. Rapidly evolve and iterate your production using real-time character performance feedback.

Real-Time Performance

With real-time motion capture for face or even full-body control of digital puppets, any figure produced with Cartoon Animator may come to life.

Live Interactive Event

During a performance, use motion capture to interact with the audience and set objects. Characters can interact with viewers via live capture.

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