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We're a bunch of storytellers and video animators on a mission to help your company develop by visually communicating your message. Video Jeeves develops top-quality videos that tell stories with passion, creativity, and attention to detail. Our films amuse, educate, inspire, and connect people with the brands. They have the ability to communicate complicated ideas and generate tens of thousands of dollars for businesses.

Video Jeeves offers a comprehensive variety of video production services, from idea to animation, to ensure that your story or message is effectively communicated. If you are looking to work with one of the top animation studios in New York, we will be pleased to collaborate with you, no matter how huge your company is. Our clientele is diverse and inclusive, spanning from major brands to small businesses to startups to media houses and even entertainment companies, owing to the exceptional quality of our work.

Our years of experience in the industry have given us the capacity to grasp a wide range of video animation needs and turn them into world-class content that consumers want to watch. We've worked with some of New York's biggest names, and we've had a remarkable track record as a problem solver in the animation business.

Visual Storytelling to
Captivate the Audiences

An animated video is an attention-grabbing, captivating, and versatile marketing tool that improves the returns on the business dramatically. We, at Video Jeeves, understand the message that you want to convey and display it perfectly through graphical storytelling.

We create videos that are compelling and present the message in a clear way without being too overt or too covert. Our experienced storytellers make the right decision about how the words complement the visuals and what kind of story the audience would love to experience. After getting this part right, we align the narrative with the visuals. This way, your message will be very much stronger, as people will engage with both the audio and the video, which will make the message easier to retain.

Some businesses find it challenging to get live footage off the ground in these physically distant times. That would never deter us from doing what we love. Without ever turning on a camera, we can add motion to your video footage. And at our video production company in New York, the staff loves creating bright animations.

Our Portfolio

  • 2d Animation
  • Whiteboard
  • 3D Animation
  • Screencast
  • Typography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Live Action
  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Isometrics

We Create Animated Videos for Businesses Belonging to Different Industries

You may communicate your message more clearly and powerfully through animation. It's a memorable and compelling medium with a lot of advantages over the traditional video, including the ability to be extremely flexible and adjustable to diverse audiences and the ability to really bring your business to life. But how can you make your video stand out among the billions of videos seen every day? We can help you with that.

Video Jeeves has made a name for itself as a problem solver capable of distilling complex issues into short movies. Your project will be just another happy ending for us to work on because our creativity has no bounds. We produce explainer videos, video productions, and animations that are compelling, easy to comprehend, and aesthetically made. Our creative team has produced animated explainer videos for a wide range of companies, organizations, and charities across the world.

Our agency has a great team of artists, strategists, creatives, and analytics that can help you raise your brand, stay relevant, create leads, enhance conversions, or simplify the difficulty of using animated video. We have the experience to develop industry-specific animated videos in a variety of industries, including fintech, publishing, education, insurance, recruiting, energy, IT, healthcare, local government, retail, and manufacturing.

Why Choose Us for Animated Video Animated Video

Our animated videos have received more than 25 million views from our clients, ranging from tech companies seeking investment in their new software to retail companies showcasing their latest product and charity raising awareness of vital topics.

With our video production services, we've been helping clients cut through the noise and get their message across using an equally wide range of videos, including explainer videos, promotional videos, animated explainer videos, product videos, corporate video productions, how-to videos, and TV and cinema advertisements.

Our animations generate leads, convert prospects to customers, and turn consumers into brand ambassadors. Clutch has named us one of the best video animation companies in New York based on feedback from renowned brands. We're a multi-award-winning digital video production studio that can assist you in creating the animation that will characterize your campaign.

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