Helping Payonner Clients To Induct Domain Transactions Effectively And Safely Through Our Explainer Videos

Project Overview

Payoneer, our primary client, is a financial services company that provides online money transfer and digital payment services. Account holders can send and receive funds into their bank account, Payoneer e-wallet, or onto a re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit card that can be used online or at point-of-sale. Payoneer offers multiple ways to get paid online by various international clientele and in the global marketplaces; quickly, securely and effectively at a low cost. When we were in the process of creating explainer videos and other digital solutions for Payoneer, their problem was that the buying and selling of various online domains was a risky process and the transformation, transactions, as well as the minimal domain purchase process, should be safe and sound.

Payoneer came up with Payoneer Escrow, a correct solution for the licensed online buyers, brokers, sellers and vendors to get cost-effective and secure solutions for domain purchasing and more. Through the creation of explainer videos and multiple digital solutions from Video Jeeves, Payoneer was able to explain to their clients about the security of their domain transaction process and reach clients in more than 200 countries.

The Problem

Payoneer was not able to find the right person to make their video which could explain the brand and then they found us. They wanted a video which could explain their business and let the viewers know what services they provide. Their marketing team told our project manager that the video should be attractive and engaging.

The Solution

It was an honor for us to get a client like Payoneer and we wanted to do something extraordinary for them. So we decided to assign the best animators so we can create one of the finest videos for them. The team closely read the brief form and created a video that they loved.


The animation team at video jeeves have been working very closely with our clients so they can benefit from it.

Can Bring Idea to Life

Because of the endless customization and creativity animation allows for, you can bring to life any story or message with ease.

Has Universal Appeal

At some point, almost everyone has watched and enjoyed the format. It’s not only children who love animation either.

Explains Complex Ideas

This lack of restriction also means animation is king when it comes to conveying complex or abstract topics that would be hard to tackle using live action.

Delivers Emotions

Animation is excellent at combining emotion with storytelling. Able to create strong characters and narrative that connects to audiences at a core level.

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