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Benefits of Testimonial Videos

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An animated testimonial video allows potential clients to see a company's and its employees' more human side. Hearing and seeing the voices and faces of actual individuals discussing real-life problems has far more weight than a written statement. It allows a consumer to see behind the professional facade and experience what it's like to work with or utilize the services of a firm.

When it comes to picking a product or service, an animated testimonial video might be one of the last determining elements. They may have done extensive research on the product, watched several explanation videos to understand how it works, and compared costs with rivals. If the facts are satisfactory, the people and culture may be enough to cement the sale. Simply said, testimonial videos can be the deciding factor in a customer's decision to pick your company over another.

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A client testimonial video is a video of a pleased customer speaking about their experience with your business. It's a popular video marketing concept these days. Using positive remarks or feedback from your clients about your brand to assist build credibility and maybe persuade that prospect to join up or take action. However, we choose to create these locations in a unique way. Rather than sending filmmakers and equipment to a customer's location to record them in person, we choose to make an animated version of a corporate testimonial video.

We believe that even the most favorable recommendation may be enhanced by turning it into a story. The difference between a commercial and a documentary is this. It's difficult to envision a company or organization that wouldn't profit from a testimonial video with storytelling. Social proof has a lot of power. When prospects are in the contemplation stage, seeing someone who has solved a similar challenge will definitely help persuade them to take the next step.

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How Customer Testimonial Video Production Can Help Your Business

Testimonial films are one of the most effective ways to increase customer trust in your product or service. It's a type of social proof which increases the sales when others witness pleased and satisfied consumers. When you hire us to create a customer testimonial video for you, we conduct a phone interview with the consumer and ask them a series of crucial questions that we believe will summarize their experience with the business. Then we take that interview and use the Q&A session to create a personalized animation. As a consequence, you'll have a totally unique customer testimonial video that's considerably easier to make and has a huge effect.

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How Tesitominal Videos Can Help Your Business


An animated testimonial video could be one of the final deciding factors when it comes to selecting a product or service. Simply said, testimonial films can influence a customer's decision to choose your business over another.


When individuals are in the market for something, they're usually looking for a solution to a problem. They want to know how their lives will change when they purchase a product/service. That's why it's a good idea to frame your customer testimonial film as a "before and after" story.


Social proof is quite powerful. When prospects are debating whether or not to proceed, seeing someone who has addressed a similar problem will almost certainly persuade them to do so. Testimonial videos are great for reinforcing the buying decision.

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