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Benefits of Social Media Videos

Create Your Name Enticing Way

Animated video is a fun tool that may assist you in effectively communicating your message. Visual learners account for 65% of the population, while visual information accounts for 90% of all information sent to the brain.

Vision, our most important sense, absorbs half of our brain's resources. Text is processed 60,000 times quicker than visual data. The use of video in content marketing has become increasingly prevalent. In the growth of a brand, animated videos are quite crucial. By appealing to clients, it encourages them to take action.

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Tell Stories

Many prospective buyers dislike dealing with salesmen. Videos and animations towards the bottom of the funnel can have a long-term impact on sales. One of the most appealing methods to present your message more thoroughly on social media is through animated video.

Text and other live videos are incapable of achieving what animation can. In animation, you can build a variety of characters, have them communicate, and have them do things like travel through time. As a result of this great deal of versatility, you can quickly break down difficult concepts and demonstrate how they operate. As a leading social media video company, Video Jeeves can help your business tell its story and about the products/services through explainer videos.

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Hold the Attention

We all know that the majority of online users have very short attention spans. As a result, you only have a short window of opportunity before they click away. Animation videos, on the other hand, are particularly effective in evoking strong emotions in viewers. It really promotes dialogue and encourages people to continue watching and following the narrative.

Furthermore, most individuals are used to seeing obtrusive advertisements these days. They don't even register these adverts anymore. However, because animation is not utilized as frequently in marketing, it is far more effective. Consequently, people are more likely to watch animated videos rather than traditional advertisements.

At Video Jeeves, we offer the best social media video production services delivered by experts using the best social media video makers and creators.

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Why You Need An Explainer Video for Your Social Media


Explainer videos used on social media marketing grab more attention than any other content type. Reach out to your audience – no matter where they are – with video content that catches their attention, boosts awareness, and draws them to your company.


Animated videos are fun to watch. You can keep these videos as entertaining as possible. Since these videos are shareable, users can share these videos across different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.


Animated videos cost way less than producing live videos. When you are making a live video, you need to spend a hefty sum of money on hiring actors, directors, staff, props, etc. However, with our social video production agency, you can get an explainer video at an affordable rate.

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